My practice is concerned with the relationship between material space and psychological space, and the point at which a psychological state can spill into its physical surroundings. I see inhabited space as ‘in-between’ psychological and material worlds. Rather than fixed states of either internal or external, real or imagined, they move within these boundaries fluidly and often unconsciously.

My interest lies in how these spaces connect and merge with one another, how to map the bridging of both the real and the imaginary as they co-exist in the everyday. The home is an important site to explore this dynamic, as it is enmeshed in our psychological state of mind and can reflect our inner sense of order, control, chaos and fantasy. Memories are stored within its foundations, cupboards conceal and hide, and plumbing systems expel and remove. Human interactions within the home are embodied through the physicality of this surrounding.

We are affected by the spaces we inhabit and in turn we affect them, creating a reciprocal relationship of back and forth. Using narrative, storytelling and installation as a starting point, I seek to connect the complex relationships and entanglements that prevail below the surface, and bring them into another space.